30 May

The change that have made the children traped in there houses because of the computer and mobile's .It's nice that we are in DIGITAL INDIA CONCEPT but still the children's should be out of the concept as once the time goes it will nver get it back again..

let me differentiate the era

That time many children gathered in society compound garden terrace play grounds and used to play jointly Today those children's are sitting in there home bsy chatting n playing games not giving any response to there family members time have Changed many thing ,,,it's good to hear but in practical ourchildrens are getting away of our family friends And the attitude's towards the society have also changed, the respect, the love have changed digitally, the family atmosphere have changed ..In today's family even the mom's and days are using whtsapp and Facebook it's very good way of communicating but only for those who are fare away......... it's like Mom types a msg to child on whtsapp like (khana khane aaja table pe lagaya he )the boy reads it and does not come send and ignoring emoji seeing the bluemark and emojis on whtsapp the mom goes in bed room and then calls him again if this kind of attitude will flourish alll the love will b replaced by whtsapp format emojis means to read and ignore 😑

Every family of today's generation should plan something for there kids others wise you and ofcuse your child will miss the era of becoming young boy or girl and get stuck in mobile n computers staying there children that they play only angry Bird n other digital games no special memories will b there to share like( jab hum bacche te to hum ne Patang bohat pakde he lagoori kehlata he) and all.....It's very sad to think even of that situation so for that

- Some of the example I suggest is like they shoul plan a particular time for the family in a day for everything like a different time for outdoor sports and indoor sports, Time where family should gather together , ATime for the digital world,A Time for studying they should teach there children from the very young age how to respect and how to differentiate between the real life emotions and the emojis of digital world they should educate there children about the relationship values and also to make in friends in the real world bcoz they should if something happens to his family or home a Facebook friend will never come to help him

Pls read this article and plan for your children future and not let the digital india concept spoil your families

I totally respect Mr NARENDRA MODI ji for introducing the digital India concept for a bright india but it should only b applicable at age of 16 to preserve our culture values . Other wise the day will come when people will behave totally like machines with no emotions and no love inside them

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Amruth Prabhu

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