30 May

Do you know there was misconception on the term woman it is originated from the term womb it's comes from stomach as per our ancestors

The most beautiful creative and the cutest weapon that God made to control Men.... Woman's the Power ful and the hardest deisre to achieve by a man. The system that controls entire universe, no one can say or do anything with out woman in this world no humans are human with out a woman

FROM decades there are different opinions on woman but they have always stood as the great examples for our family life's and culture,Where ever in world who ever they may be, a poor a rich they always have been the backbone of family constitution. They play a different role in the society some are hero's some are soldiers some are teachers some are doctors and also we find woman as villans but that too by some critical reason they becomes villans

Woman's have to change there identity according to the age and society obligations. They become a girl than a woman a mother a grand ma in there stages of life. Woman' cannot be judged by their nature they can b very polite and also at same time they become highly dangerous due to circumstances all based on how the society treat them woman can't be explained by words as they cannot b understood by anyone till now in the planet...They are beautiful caring loving hardworking sexy romantic but on the same side they are jealous wicked cruel and also dangerous

Some great examples of Woman in Indian history are

SUCHETA KRIPLANI - The first Indian chief minister

SAROJINI NAIDU - The Nightangle of India

CAPTAIN PREM MATHUR - The first pilot of India

And many such example are in history that proves woman are best in every sense,

Woman are hardest.... they bear everything with easy ,from handling a home with there office to protecting their family.From menstrual cycle pains to delivering a baby so they have also the every right to do what a man can do

Right from their childhood

Heads off to every single Woman on Earth for all their love their sacrifices their pains they bear

Respect love and take care of them and in return they will give their heart to you



Amruth Prabhu

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