07 May

But Indian Marriage is classified into different sections like love marriage arrange marriage child marriage widow marriage a live in relation ships are also included in the marriage culture some are legal and some are illegal according to the Indian constitution 
One cannot judge a long lasting relationship in marriage either in both senses .A love marriage can also fail and arrange marriage can also drop out because of the consequences and situations a woman or man face in the relationships it could be occured by human nature the sorroundings the the trust factors or the Persons belief in relations ship
It is said that the love marriages fail easily due to the time factor as they know each other before they marry and this may cause to moodswings after some years of marriage and situations can get even worsen after a baby because there is less of love factor and more of adjustment in the relationships.But if they succeed in first 10 years of relationship they can lead the entire life happily. Love can be there in everyperson mostly in woman if the same amount of sincerity care and trust is showed to her till many years but still it can b only judged by a human nature there are many prospective we can find to break or even to carry a relationship
On the same way Arrange marriage is said as long lasting relation As an unknown person get into a relationship. They bind to know each other and by the time they know each other years pass on and the give birth to baby after that they indulge in taking care of their aspects with there baby priority in mind but still to be said it's very difficult for a girl to get adjusted in the environment if she or he is very understanding the relationship can last really long ...but there are also many examples in which arrange Marriage got broke at very early stages of relations
But whatever we can say everybody has to get married one day and enjoy the beautiful relation which we believe is the best realation in the entire world to know a girl or boy and get happiness in small things from the relationships
I totally agree in both love and arrange marriage can fail if the Man or girl is not having a compromise understanding or adjustable nature 
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Amruth Prabhu

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