30 May

He was doing a job after his father died salary of Rs 2500 pm going early in the morning and coming back late at night Things got changed and he decided to start a business of his own He started a business which started flourishing as days went he used to work a lot on the buisness as days gone and the time was also good he achieved and earned a lot from the buisness But it said na jab waqt (Achha hota he to sab hote he aur bura waqt pe koi nahi aata ) his income was so good that he got covered with many new friends as days gone he started helping many needfull some were friends and some were unkown he was happily enjoying and not in state of mind to save from what he earnd and spent lavishly .

As the days gone he got fall in love with a girl she was pretty in the fear of loosing her he showed her what he was not ... By giving gifts ,buying a new car spending on her heavily atlast he got the girl and they were in love But by that time he was already covered by debt of laks of rupees and the girl really was not aware of that But still he managed by borrowing more money in the form loans as the friends whom he gave money regretted to give back saying that they were not having money and some din't even pick up the call..

In such a state also he decided to marry that girl as he don't want to loose her And finally by boths family understanding he got married to her

But was highly pressured by the money matters he have increased his loan by 10 percent slowly as days passed on he started getting in to dipression and wanted a break from the routine activity as many people started coming to his buisness asking for there money back...so he decided to get break for two three days without informing anyone he went aways one evening noteven thinking about what will b the condition of his wife got know about his loan and other matters and things even worsed when his wife got to know about him some how his family tried to get contact with him and called him back

Now the time has changed for him the girl for whom he did so much started arguing abusing him not even supporting him in his hard times things got more bad as he was now sorrunded by both tensions family and buisness and money tensions there were fights with her wife family his buisness also slacked down and he divided to stay way from her wife as she really dint support him when he needed her and he also closed his buisness now he is in state of starting something new but still waiting for the right time

I have seen many people with there good and bad time but I suggest when the time is good use it and secure your future and do things by always saying true bcoz at bad time not even your closest one is there support you, bcoz every body's destiny has planned we have to just play a good role in that by using the proper time factor

Hope you like this small story on time

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